Often when candidates look for a new role, it more so involves a quest for the next step in their career ladder. It is not just another job that gives them a paycheck. At Dollar Staffing, we completely understand this sentiment.

Dollar Staffing wishes to become your trusted partner as you choose to expand your professional horizons. Dollar Staffing strives towards helping you find the best opportunities for your growth. Dollar Staffing guides you through the interview process so you accomplish your long term goals. 

How Dollar Staffing Will Help

Be it a permanent job, a short stint, assignment, whatever your aim here’s how Dollar Staffing will help you gain professional clout

We go beyond matching keywords with skill sets. Our automated placement process ensures that we always connect you with opportunities that help you to build your career. 

We’re more than happy to take time to learn about your interests, professional goals, technical skills and what you are looking for in a new job. 

Once we learn about what you are looking for, we will share relevant job opportunities that match your skills and interests. You let us know what jobs you would like to be considered for. The ball is always in your court. 

Our efforts are single mindedly towards getting you a job that is a good fit not only for you but also your employers. 

We make sure to highlight your skills, experience, and qualifications for the role, and then we present your profile to our client/ your potential employer and ensure your profile aligns with their hiring process. 

Our goal is to put you in a position to ace the interview and win the job. From scheduling arrangements and interviews, and taking feedback from client post interviews, we ensure a positive experience. 

We are here to help you make the decision that is in your best interests, even if that means our job isn’t fit for you, we respect your decision. We understand that you need to make the decision that is best for you. If an offer is accepted, we’re here to help you with guiding your job change. From resignation and onboarding to follow-up calls and check-ins until your new position begins. 

Important Information

you need to know about us


There is no upfront fee. A fee is charged only upon successful hiring. There is no fee for uploading a Requirement or a Resume. Our policy is to charge a dollar/hour from those who seek jobs as well as those who seek candidates as service charge and payable by the Client. The idea is to address the industry challenges, add structure to hiring practices and help our customers identify the best talent/employer. 


We’re more than just a staffing agency and understand your pain points as a recruiter. We aim to speed speeden up the process of finding the best candidates for you, while also ensuring its efficiency. Our services have been painstakingly crafted to help you and derive their expertise from the experience of being present in the industry for a substantial number of years . Our approach isn’t transactional, we treat you as our priority and promise to be relational, professional and flexible.