Career Guidance

Learn, Unlearn and Learn is the new normal.

Today, industry is vigilant on the hiring practices. Industries cannot afford a wrong hire. The expectations are that the hired employees perform from the day one. It puts the employee under stress if they lack necessary skills to deliver. The success of the Job Seekers relies on multi-tasking, domain knowledge and technical skills. 

With 3 decades of history in recruitment, Dollar Staffing has witnessed these gaps and bridged them by providing needed orientation and training programs at community level.



The candidate gets benefitted with our customer rating methodology. Our A.I. powered algorithms prompt the candidate on skill upgrade / updates and new skill acquisition in their own domains. 

One step further, if a candidate opts to test their abilities, we perform Technical Screening, show the results, and guide them on next steps to meet the industry expectations. 

Dollar Staffing provides guidance through experienced Subject Matter Experts (SMEs). The SMEs will set the right path allowing candidates to explore the skill enhancement programs recommended. 

Dollar Staffing and partners provide training completion certificates.

Dollar Staffing has partnered with some of the reputed and premium institutions to orient the candidates. The content helps candidates to acquire new skills and excel in their careers. Dollar Staffing and partners orient candidates for specific certification courses and pave their career path. 

The job seekers can opt programs based on the recommendations with a nominal and affordable fee which in turn would help them to be market ready.

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