Recruitment is both a science and an art. There are different types of recruiters in the hiring industry and Dollar Staffing strives to understand and attend to the needs of all of them. Whether you happen to be an In-House Recruiter or a Staffing Firm / Channel Partner Recruiter, we’ve got a host of resume databases that you can take your pick from.

1. Match qualified candidates to the appropriate position that aligns in a perfect manner with their background, in a time efficient manner. 

2. Comprehensive assessment across multiple verticals helps make a decisive choice while boosting your problem-solving skills. 

3. High value impact is recorded when you foster employee- employer relationships to understand skills and placement. 

4. Dollar Staffing is the perfect launch page to help candidates start incredibly rewarding careers as well as clients with efficient talent acquisition practices. 

5. Comprehensive structure that entails lead generation candidate follow-ups, reference assessment help find the best match. 

6. Instant and effective resolution of all challenges that a Staffing Recruiter may face while recruiting. 

7. Ensuring that a job is well done, both in the proverbial sense as well as the literal one.

Important Information

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There is no upfront fee. A fee is charged only upon successful hiring. There is no fee for uploading a Requirement or a Resume. Our policy is to charge a dollar/hour from those who seek jobs as well as those who seek candidates as service charge and payable by the Client. The idea is to address the industry challenges, add structure to hiring practices and help our customers identify the best talent/employer. 


We’re more than just a staffing agency and understand your pain points as a recruiter. We aim to speed speeden up the process of finding the best candidates for you, while also ensuring its efficiency. Our services have been painstakingly crafted to help you and derive their expertise from the experience of being present in the industry for a substantial number of years . Our approach isn’t transactional, we treat you as our priority and promise to be relational, professional and flexible.